When Good Fruit Goes Bad! (a kids book)

Yes, you read correctly!  Can you believe it?  I have a brand new 36-page fully-illustrated children’s book available.  It is titled WHEN GOOD FRUIT GOES BAD and it is a collaboration between me and my cousin Steve that has been many years(and many drafts) in the making!   It can be purchased at





It is a comical tale about a neighborhood grocer named Hank Huckleberry and what he has to do to overcome some really bad fruit who have taken over his store.  They are making a fruity mess and he doesn’t know what to do!   Luckily, with the help of his friend Sarah Sweets, they find a way to make the unruly fruit happy and at the same time they learn how there is no such thing as “perfect” apple.  
Here is the official trailer for the book:
Steve and I are happy to spread a message about healthy eating and how we can all create less waste, but we think the message around finding value in oneself despite our own bruises and scars is even more important.  
It is available now at AMAZONBARNES AND NOBLE , BOOKS-A-MILLION and other fine online booksellers!
And don’t forget to download the FREE FREE FREE Educational Learning Packet that comes with 21-pages of fun content to do after you have finished the book!  It is full of coloring Pages, fun fruit facts, crossword puzzles and much more!  JUST CLICK HERE!   
(Oh yeah, its FREEEEEEEEE!!!!)
Enjoy and share with anyone who could use some fun worksheets for their kids!

Any questions for us, just send us an email at cuzzospublishingandmedia@gmail.com or coolminivandad@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you.


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