THANK YOU! THANK YOU for your support!

Thank you so much for your interest in WHEN GOOD FRUIT GOES BAD, a children’s book that we hope is not only fun to read, but also teaches kids and adults alike about valuing yourself no matter how many bruises and bumps you may have, knowing that you have a purpose and sometimes all you need to do is find it!

Our hope is that after reading this book to your students, with your kids, or even on your own, that you can continue learning more about how to be comfortable in your own skin, stay healthy and teach others how to do the same!

That is why we created this free 21-page Educational Learning Packet (ELP) as our way of saying thank you for supporting the book. The ELP is a combination of fun facts and activities, covering math, grammar, vocabulary, science and more! With the help of friends, family and educators, we created this learning packet and combined them with worksheets from a great online learning resource , as way to keep the conversations about the book going long after you are done reading.

Just click here on Educational Learning Packet to download the PDF and we hope you enjoy!

And don’t forget to pick up a copy or two of WHEN GOOD FRUIT GOES BAD for friends and family, currently available Amazon and other fine online sellers NOW!!!!!!

-Vernon aka coolminivandad

What’s new….

Wow so much has changed since I posted back in January and the world is a very different place, but in the midst of this craziness and I happy to say my family has stayed safe and we remain well. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well too.

But in some very good and unexpected new, I have a brand new 36 page fully-illustrated children’s book available online titled WHEN GOOD FRUIT GO BAD. It is a collaboration between me and my cousin Steve and has been many years in the making!

We are very proud of what we have been able to put together during this time, and we hope that the messages of the book around eating healthy, creating less waste, and knowing you have worth really resonates with the world.

Check out the details on the top of the page under the KIDS BOOK tab for more details.

2020 has been a heck of a ride, but I look forward to what the future holds.

-Vernon aka coolminivandad