Ribs, Razors and Republicans…

Blogging is a funny thing… or not funny at all depending on the subject matter of the blog post.

Some people do it every day to express themselves to the world in way that can’t always be achieved through a face-to-face conversations, especially since a large portion of conversations are done via text and email these days. 

Others blog when inspired by something that has happened in the world and they want folks to really know where they stand on a subject and, in some cases. bloggers really like to engage internet trolls.  To each is own. 

When I opened up my computer this past weekend while watching the NFC Championship Games (both games were amazing, sad and controversial is a number of ways), I was not sure what wanted to write about, but I knew I wanted to write about something. 

Do I comment on the Gillette ad that seems to have half the world ready to switch to Dollar Shave Club or Harry’s and the other half of the world grateful that a billion dollar company has decided to weigh in on the subject of “toxic masculinity”? ( I actually left Gillette long before this ad because they are just way too expensive and let’s be honest, how advanced can razor tech get? Are they in a board meeting weekly saying “Hmmm.  We have 5 blades, what about making it 6?  Nah.  Too advanced, meeting over”)

Do I go political and talk about Trump, the wall, Democrats, Republicans, blah blah blah?  Meh.  It’s been done and is being done 24 hours a day.  I truly miss the days of past administrations and not really knowing on a daily basis every. single. thing that the commander-in-chief is thinking. Wake me when the Mueller Report is done.  Also, there are too many Breaking News stories to keep up with in this administration to even stay up to date by the time I post.

Do I talk about all the highlights of 2019 (new house, Weber grill, wonderful wife and kids, Nintendo Switch, etc)?  That’s what Facebook is for!

So what’s left?

I do like to eat.  I like to cook too and I do a majority of it for the family since I am home full-time with the kids and my superhero wife works full-time bringing home the bacon (which I will then proceed to cook for breakfast or an amazing BLT).  So, this post will simply end with a bunch of pictures of various meals I have recently prepared (which can also be found on my @coolminivandad Instagram page).  Maybe I will start talking up food a bit more and get a sweet endorsement deal with Ronzoni (my kids are HUUUGE fans of the Super Greens Thin Spaghetti) or Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki Marinade (amazing on ribs) or get a free Pastrami and Corned Beef from Sarge’s Deli.

 Regardless, I hope you will stop by on occasion to hear what I have say or what I happen to be cooking for my family.  I will try to say things and cook more often if that helps.

Peace and Love

Vern (aka coolminivandad)