Give Thanks at Thanksgiving (and 364 other days a year)

If you look at the picture I posted you’re probably wondering why I would be thankful that our car was broken into, the radio stolen, along with Bruno Mars CD the Day before Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful because we have insurance.

I’m thankful that we woke up to just a broken window and not an empty parking space.

I’m thankful this happened on the day when I have the babysitter so I could take care of stuff without having to drag the twins with me.

I’m thankful because my wife and I were able to team up and take care of all the issues surrounding the car.

I’m thankful I have a good memory so I can just sing 24 karat magic and Perm in my head until I get a new CD.

A part of me hopes that whoever stole the radio, will sell it and use the money to buy their family some food for Thanksgiving or put it towards something meaningful. Regardless it’s important to remember to be thankful in all situations, good and bad.

It’s not easy, but it helps.