Better late than never…


Well, it only took me a little over a month,  but here is my first post for my blog since becoming a Stay at Home Dad (yes the acronym is SAHD)Let me start by saying:  This SAHD Life ain’t no joke #SAHDLife.

I will go more into that as the months go on, but rest assured, I have changed more diapers, than I care to admit and have unintentionally watched more episodes of the terrible, terrible “reality”show Love & Hip Hop than anyone should .   I say “reality” because these shows are as scripted(sometimes even more so) as any sitcom or drama on tv so they are not as real as they try they to advertise.  That diatribe will be for a later post…..

I just want to take this time let you know what you can expect from this site and how often.  I will post when I can and the subjects will be a varied as you can imagine.  Everything from personal parenting tips (Diaper Genies: Miracle or Menace?) to my real life celebrity encounters (like my recent run in with Cousin Larry from the classic 90’s sitcom Perfect Strangers), even some classic tales from my childhood (like The Christmas Day LEGO Incident) and anything else I get the time to write .  Maybe a movie review if me and the missus can ever get to an actual theatre and get someone to babysit times 3!  We are taking childcare offers people!

I hope what write will be funny, insightful and relevant to you or somebody you know.  It might be 2 pages long, it might be a paragraph, it might be just a few words.  It really depends on how much time my twins and 2.5 year old will allow me at any given time and how far behind I am on any given house chore (right now laundry and dishes are neck and neck with Christmas toy clean up and vacuuming closing in fast)

At my current rate, I will to post at least once a month, so feel free come back every month around then or sooner.  Hey, if you have some good subjects for me to tackle and just want to say hey, shoot me an email at!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to look, SAHD Out!


7 Replies to “Better late than never…”

  1. Cool beans, Vernon. Looking forward to swapping notes and actually having a man’s perspective on the life I lived for 13 years!!!

  2. Good for you, Vernon! I’m excited to see what you have in store for us…I’m dealing with a 5yo, 3yo and yet-to-be-born newborn…let the games begin!

  3. I’d like to formally request an article on how to make $6 a week on DraftKings. I heard through the grapevine that you’re an expert!

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